In order to treat stray, weak and ill cows, the trust purchases things like medicine, cattle feed, fresh grass, Kapasia Khor, and Jaggary (gol) and feed them the mixture of Jaggary and Kapasia Khor. The innocent animals give back the love they get from us silently.

The main aim of the trust is to inspire people to serve the stray animals and the needy people.

Similarly the volunteers from the trust visit far flung villages and feed Shira ( a mixture of sugar , wheat and ghee/ oil) to stray dogs with love The volunteers also personally go and feed the blind and handicapped children in their own Ashrams.

The activities of the trust also includes spending time with the people who are old, weak or ill and who have been abandoned by their families.

The volunteers of the trust are putting Bhagvat Gita's Philosophy of 'Performing good deeds without expecting in anything in return' into practice. The volunteers are doing everything they can to improve the condition of the stray animals, the old and the weak, the blind and the handicapped. For instance, the volunteers visit different places to do the work of the trust at their own expense and even sell all the waste to generate funds for the trust and the benefit of the stray cattle and the old. In return, the volunteers are silently blessed by those who have had the opportunity of coming in contact with the trust.



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