Om Shiv Adhya Shakti Seva Parivar Trust is a unique Charitable Trust which holds a beacon to the whole society by giving a new direction. The main aim of the trust is to treat with compassion all the stray cattle, other creatures, the blind and handicapped children, the old citizens, who have been forsaken by their family members, widows and poor people.

To be born a human is a blessed thing. Even Adi Shankaracharya has said that human being is the highest creation because only he has the awareness, knowledge and capacity to achieve Moksha.

Our trust wishes to take care of the stray and helpless cattle who are weak, ill and dependent on others for their food. Lord Dattatreya had 24 Gurus. Out of them, the Cow and Dog were his constant companions. Cow is perhaps the most sacred of all animals as it said that 33 crores Gods and Goddesses are part of her. Cow has been an inseparable part of our tradition, culture and heritage. The holy 'COW', which is regarded as our mother, fulfills all our aspirations. Serving the mother gives results instantly. It is believed that during famine, saving one cow is equal to doing one 'Ashwamegha Yagna'.

Cow's urine is like the holy river Ganga. It has been effective in treating even diseases like cancer. Today the developed countries like Great Britain and USA have accepted this knowledge and belief after conducting scientific tests. Milk products made from cow's milk, her urine and dung, are very useful according to Ayurveda's.

Creatures are god's unique gift to mankind. God is present in the form of these innocent animals. So, it is our duty to care for these helpless, old, injured and weak animals This is the true worship of God. By ignoring these animals, we ignore God - because God is present in all creatures.

When we die, we leave behind all the loved ones and all the wealth. The only things that we will carry with us will be the 'Punya' earned from performing good deeds. So, if we serve these innocent and helpless creatures, it will surely give us satisfaction and peace. Moreover, it will also cultivate compassion for these creatures who never complain to us about anything.



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