About Us

Om Shiv Adhya Shakti Seva Parivar Trust is a new (non-profit) trust registered recently with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad.

The main aim of the trust is to inspire people to serve the stray animals and the needy people.

The trust comprises of 7 trustees and 8 associate members who had initially started spending time and money for such a noble cause on individual basis. However, they later felt that together they can concentrate on wider area. So they formed a trust. Their target is to cover the whole of India, but at present the trust is concentrating on Gujarat.

The trustees meet every Sunday and decide upon the work to be done on the following Sunday or any other auspicious day.

The trust relies on generous donations from kind donors for their noble cause. On their part, the members visit different regions at their own expense. As the idea is only to serve, we have no movable or immovable assets. But we have an account with the State Bank of India, Visnagar, Dist. Mehsana, Gujarat, to enable donors to donate through Cheque. We will have our accounts audited annually and get them published in the newspaper. The donors will be sent the audited statement every year.

The donors can claim exemptions on the donations made to the trust under section 80G.

The volunteers who choose to work for us do it purely for humanitarian reasons without receiving any honorarium for their services.

We solicit donations from generous donors in cash or kind ( in the form of Grass, Wheat, Jaggary, Ghee, Clothes, Woollen Clothes, Blankets, medicines etc.) to give strength to our trust. Your cooperation and support will encourage us to continue this work and expand it further.

All wise people know that one good deed of helping the poor and needy is better than spending hours in a temple. So please donate with open arms and participate in the noble work that the trust has undertaken.



  • 202, Chaitrangi Appt. Near Man Mandir Society,
  • Opp. Akhandanand Society,
  • Ahmedabad-380061

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  • Reg. No. : F/12699/Ahmedabad, Dated 23/11/2006